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Wrenshall will be giving Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments to students in grades K-10 during the month of September,  2022. Students will be tested again in the winter and/or spring, as determined by math and reading teachers for specific grade levels. The tests are not timed, and the amount of time each test takes varies from student to student. However, students generally finish within about 30-45 min. Test results are given to parents at conferences.

The MAP tests are computer adaptive achievement tests in math, language, and reading. The computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a test that is unique to their abilities. The difficulty of each question is based on the accuracy of your child’s previous answers.

MAP tests are measures of your child’s growth over time. Joined with information from the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and from classroom teachers, the results help us to determine which students would benefit from extra supports, and help us choose which of those supports would work best for your child. 

Wrenshall does not send score reports to other institutions. The results are solely for our use to understand each student’s current skill level in the areas of math and reading.

If you have questions regarding MAP tests, please contact the District Assessment Coordinator, Sheri Fossen, at or 218-384-4274, ext. 2900.

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